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Palm Beach Atlantic University

As a freelance reporter, writer, photographer and editor, I've worked with the university to keep its website well-stocked with interesting features. PBA is a very special college environment, and its students are no less exceptional, making this longterm freelance relationship a very rewarding one. Click below to read stories on the university website.

PBA Pharmacy Students Serve Western Communities

Franchising Internship Inspires Student

Tarver Discusses Fandom of Sports at IRC

Online Program Aids Working Mother

SUGAR Project a Model Success

Student Life Completes Campus Summer Lineup

Program Aims to Groom Good Golfers, People

Free Enterprise Leadership Challenge Teaches About Business

Counterterrorism Officer Tells How She Relied on God

World Problems Need Global Solutions, Lyceum Speaker Says

Palm Beach Real Estate Guide

As Marketing & Communications Director for the Palm Beach Board of Realtors, I wrote a light and breezy Palm Beach lifestyle blog to support the board's luxury real estate magazine. Click below to read posts.

Worth Avenue’s Olympic Connection

The Divine Miss Thing

Rolls Reef

Our Fabulous Fountain

Flavor Palm Beach: Tasty!

Palm Beach Chic

Happy Happy Hour

Free on the Three

The Wall on Worth

Be Like Iris

Real Recovery Series

While working as a Creative Director, I was asked to create an ad campaign based on the intimate stories of addicts, recovering addicts, and their families. I wrote and designed these pieces, each based on hours of in-person interviews, capturing each person's story in just 100 words. Click image to view/download PDF.

Personal blog

This is the way you'll get to know me best. Click below to read selected posts.


Company on the Trail: I may (or may not) have met an alligator. Let's just say I did.

Among the Missing: Because the world stops when you lose your wallet.

Oundo: Still my favorite post – and possibly my favorite word – of all time.

Aid and Comfort (Part I, Part II, Part III): I was widowed at 39. This series looks at what helped and what didn't.

My Coach's Kid: Ironically, I DID eventually become my son's first soccer coach; he's now an elite player.

The Book That Changed Me: I'm a reader, and I can name a lot of books that moved me. But none like this one.

Up on the Roof: What else are you going to do when your neighbors pop ceramic lions on top of their house?

Promises, Promises: When you brag that you can write virtually anything, you'd better come through.

Gateway Journalism Review

In the hours after the mass shooting at Marjorie Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, I was asked to write this analysis of the media coverage. I never expected to be writing about kids. Click to read on the GJR site.

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