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Let's start with the coffee. In my world, good things always start with coffee.

Every morning of my life, I make a pourover from freshly ground beans (Peet's Major Dickason blend). No sugar, a splash of cream. I adore the ritual, the aroma, the complexity of this particular brew. Most of all, I adore the way my morning cup makes me... me.

So who's that, exactly?

I started out as a newspaper editor and designer, immersed in the practical, innovative, passionate world of the newsroom. I learned to be quick and clever all at once, because there was always another deadline an hour away.

Since then, I've reinvented myself again and again:

  • Freelance writer and editor

  • Book designer

  • Ghostwriter

  • Writing coach

  • Marketing & communications director

  • Creative director

And, of course, a mom. My most important job. I do what I do to provide for my family, but also because I'm crazy about working with words and ideas. I never want to stop.

I approach my work with wisdom, humility and integrity, and choose carefully the projects I accept. Those projects will receive the best I have to offer. Every time.



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