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"Jodi is a consummate professional. Working closely with Jodi on countless projects large and small was invariably a pleasure, and her keen eye and sharp editing made all of our work stronger and better. She is a delight to work with, and one of the best editors I've had in more than 20 years of professional journalism."
Sean McNaughton
Senior Graphics Editor, National Geographic

"Jodi always finds time to be thoughtful about her work and the work of others. Jodi was the conscience of the department, initiating discussions ranging from whether a word buried in a story was really accurate to whether a centerpiece could be tweaked (or substantially changed) to improve it. Whatever she is doing, Jodi cares."

John Strickhouser
Senior Copy Editor, St. Petersburg Times

"Writing projects from Jodi MacNeal will never be lackluster. She is just too talented. She labored over both of our resumes, which helped us land the jobs of our dreams. I hope you work with Jodi soon; you never know how her writing talents may change your life."

Steve & Teri Griffith

“Everyone who attempts to express themselves on paper should have a Jodi, who meticulously edited and improved this book. No thanks is good enough.”

Latimer C. Farr

From the preface to his book, The Southern Queen

"Jodi is one of the most multi-faceted people I’ve ever seen: writing, designing, editing, planning, supervising, etc. She is an outstanding, hard-working, caring individual who brings value and passion to any project she takes on."

Bill Van Smith

Deputy sports editor, The Miami Herald

"As an editor, Jodi stripped the fat from my copy, turning bloated writing and vague ideas into precise vignettes. That she could do this with grace and humor – and without also stripping my voice – attests to her skill."

Elizabeth Clarke

Managing Editor, The Palm Beach Daily News

"Jodi has a unique way of looking at usual situations or subjects and making them unusual... I wouldn't hesitate to hire her for any creative job in almost any medium. She's a gifted artist."

Lynn Kalber

Writer & editor

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